a border around an app!


I want to use trayer as a stand alone system tray (see fvwm-crystal.berlios.de/doku.php).

I am not able to get a border around the app!!!

I put in my config file :

Style trayer Sticky, NeverFocus, WindowListSkip, FixedPosition , FixedSize, StaysOnBottom, NoHandles, BorderWidth 1, NoTitle

and start it with:

  • I Test (Init) Exec exec trayer --widthtype pixel --width 56 --heighttype pixel --height 25 --edge top --align right --distance 35 --tint black --alpha 150 --transparent true

in the StartFunction

also I noticed that in my config (from the Taviso’s one), I have a border around fvwmbuttons but the style is:
Style FvwmButtons NoTitle, StaysOnBottom, Sticky, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkip, NeverFocus, FixedSize, NoHandles

Any ideas?

Regards, Brice

You’ll want to add:


as a style option, possibly.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for replying! but it didn’t work!

I also installed the theme from the given website, in this case, the trayer has a border, I took directly the style options and the start command from the theme but I don’t have a border… feel frustrated!


Then it’s most likely a facet of the application. Have you tried emailing the author to ask him if it’s a known issue?

– Thomas Adam


I got it! I simply removed the options MWMDecor and MWMFunctions (well I don’t know the aim of them… and I must admit that I built my config from the Taviso’s one…) and it works with the aforementionned options!

Regards, Brice