Actually moving the mouse when selecting an app

Hi all.

I’m returning to fvwm after many years, and starting a config from scratch. Right now, all I want to do is to center the cursor in whatever window I select from the WindowList and actually having the mouse move there when I do.

Right now, when I use warptowindow 50 50 to center the cursor, it works great until I nudge the trackpad. Then, because I’m using sloppy focus (yay!), I lose the focus on my window because my mouse is wherever it happened to be when I switched apps, and not where the cursor appeared after the warptowindow.

I really don’t remember this problem when used fvwm before, but my brain might be fooling me :slight_smile:

So, is there a good way to actually move the mouse to where the warptowindow cursor appears?


And how, exactly, do you suppose FVWM is to know the difference between having moved the mouse pointer with WarpToWindow, and any subsequent movement of the mouse thereafter to mean different things?

Your question makes no sense.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry, I did not mean to be confusing. I want, as you suggest above, for warptowindow to actually move the mouse pointer to the middle of the app I choose.

When I warptowindow when choosing an app from the windowlist, I can see that the cursor is right in the middle of the app I’ve switched to. The app is selected, and any keybindings I undertake at that point work on the window in question. However, if I inadvertently nudge my mouse, it is not in fact in the middle of the window, but wherever on the screen it was before I chose the new app from the windowlist. This (usually) is not within the window of the app I selected from the windowlist, and results in a loss of window focus.

If this behavior is not what you experience, let me know. It is certainly possible I could have some strange setting causing the problem. :slight_smile:

Again, I apologize that my problem makes no sense. It doesn’t make much sense to me either!

I’ll keep playing with it. FVWM is far superior to any other window manager out there, and I’m determined to rediscover its awesomeness. :wink:

I apologize again for the confusion.


Nevermind. I am doing all of this in a VM running Mint 11. I moved to an actual desktop running Ubuntu 10.04, and the problem went away. My mouse moves to where I warp the pointer. Looks like either a VM or a mint problem. I’ll get to the bottom of it. Sorry for all the confusion and silly questions.

One final post, just in case anyone else is running fvwm from within VMware. I was able to get normal mouse behavior by removing the “vmmouse” xorg configuration items and allowing xorg to use the standard “mouse” driver. The result is a slightly slower mouse, but at least FVWM is working as I remember.

Thanks again!