Alt-Tab Settings

I am trying to get my alt-tab to be very similar to windows. I found a good setting that I am using:

Key Tab A M WindowList Root c c currentDesk, NoGeometry, CurrentAtEnd, IconifiedAtEnd

But in the window list that comes up, I see all the windows that I have open on all of my desktops. (By desktops, I mean the things that show up in my pager even though I call it with FVWMPager 0 0)

What I would like is alt-tab to behave like the command above has it working, but only for windows that are on the current desktop.

And then I would like something like ESC-tab to do the alt-tab the way it is now, but I want alt-tab to only show windows that are on the current desktop. Does anyone know how to do this?

You’re looking for CurrentPage.Key Tab A M WindowList (CurrentPage) what I have: Key Tab A M WindowList (AcceptsFocus !Shaded !Iconic CurrentPage) shift-tab: Key Tab A MS WindowList (AcceptsFocus !Shaded !Iconic CurrentPage)
AFAIK, neither escape nor tab are “modifiers”, so I don’t think it’s possible to make a keybinding with both in it. Anyway, this is what I use on my 8th mouse button to show all windows:Mouse 8 A N WindowList NoCurrentDeskTitle, TitleForAllDesks