app has no titlebar after starting

Hi all,

i have the following problem:

when I start nedit, it appears without titlebar and buttons. But after restart fvwm, all looks fine :confused:
All other apps have the titlebar and buttons …

Where’s the problem and what can I do to eliminate this problem?

Thanks for any help.



Nedit is a motif-based application… hmm, could you post your “Style” lines from your .fvwm2rc file, please?

It might be Nedit, but I’d like to rule out FVWM first of all.

– Thomas Adam

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I hope these lines below are the correct ones you want to see, because I have the configs from Pierre-Eric Marchandet and there are many config files …



No worries.

Ah, these were what I was looking for – if they weren’t there, I was going to get you to set them. Ok, let’s try something simple. Does:

Style Nedit Title, Borders

…work? Or do you still need to restart FVWM for the titlebar to appear?

– Thomas Adam

hm … I’ve put your line under

ColormapFocus FollowsFocus

but after restart the nedit window is looking same as before …

Paradoxically when I comment it out and restart, no titlebar appears anytime :open_mouth:


Then comment it out. At this point, since all other windows are unaffected by it, I am assuming it’s a problem with nedit. To be absolutely sure of this, try a different WM completely, and load up Nedit. If the title doesn’t appear, it’s a bug with Nedit. If it DOES appear, then I’ll have to think of something else. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Ok, I will test it with KDE tomorrow, cause it’s now 1:51 am an I must stand up in 4,5 hours :cry:

Till tomorrow




now I’ve tested several WMs and one DE:
VTWM: works, have titlebar and buttons.
Waimea: works, have titlebar and buttons.
TWM: works, have titlebar and buttons.
KDE: works, have titlebar and buttons.

As I open nedit under fvwm an look at fvwmIdent I saw that there is no Windowname (“Untitled”) and no Iconname (“Untitled”). Then I remember, in the style.fvwmrc there is an entry “Style Untitled”

I look there and find the following:


I’ve changed it to the same style as other apps in the style.fvwm2rc:

and - what should I say - nedit has it’s own titlebar and all needed buttons :slight_smile:

Thomas, I thank you very much for helping.

The resume about this lesson is: too much configs are the death of overview !!

Best Regards


What is your fvwm version? (And are you running a 64-bit system?)

Hi Gramphos,

I’m using fvwm 2.5.12 under Debian stable on a PIV system with 512 MB RAM. It works great (27 % memory usage after starting) :slight_smile:

I have modified the fvwm from Pierre-Eric Marchandet. Now it has

  • six pagers
  • three bars:
    • one topbar for the tasks
    • one bottombar (it looks like the KDE-bar with a menu and six app-buttons, the pager area and a pseudo Iconbar for apps which normally appears in the KDE-systray and an area for wm dockapps like CPU, memory, soundcontrol and clock)
  • a modified theme called osix (MacOSx look).
  • Icons on the desktop (made with idesk)

Unfortunately I cannot post screenshots, cause I haven’t a homepage for the pictures, but if you look on the fvwm screenshot page you can look on Pierre-Eric Marchandets screenshots. My screen looks similar as his one. Only wallpaper and bottombar is a little bit different :wink:

I have tested some WMs, but fvwm is the greatest of all 8)