App's own mini-icons in titlebars

A number of applications come with their own mini-icons that show up in the pager without defining them in the config file - Gimp, Firefox, gvim, etc.

Is it possible to set FVWM to automatically use those mini-icons as a titlebar button as well? So any app with a mini-icon that shows up in the pager has a mini-icon in its titlebar?

Two seconds after asking, I found the relevant section in the man page :slight_smile:

As simple as putting “MiniIcon” into the button style. Yay!

So the next question is: How do I find where an app’s mini icons are if I want to edit them? :slight_smile:

The fastest way would probably be to use locate. I just found the icons for firefox like this:

$ locate firefox | grep 'xpm'

and it returned this:


I wouldn’t edit these though, unless you copy them to your own directory and edit them there. Then you can use EWMHMiniIconOverride like this:

Style "firefox" EWMHMiniIconOverride, MiniIcon /path/to/my/firefoxminiicon.xpm

I hope that makes sense.

This was answered some time ago here:


– Thomas Adam