aterm and fvwm-menu

Hi all, i’ve been playing with aterm all night but i can’t find a way to make it have the transparency as my fvwm menu.

Here’s a screenshot of both, my config is one i found in this forum.

If someone could help me with this it would be great :wink:

I searched the forms, since I don’t use aterm. By golly, I found this:

aterm -tr

– Thomas Adam

It’s not possible to let aterm or any term that supports transparency to behave like the fvwm menu.

You can use pseudo transparency with the -tr (and -trsb or something) options, but you will only see tha background, not the windows hiding behind the aterm. You’ll need other programs to get true transparancy (translucent windows).

there’s a nice page about transparency on the gentoo-wiki:

or you can use experimental software to get accellerated X with XGL:

I also wanted a nice terminal, so I used used -fg white -bg black -tr -trsb -sh 45 +sb options or something (this is by heart)

hope this helps.