Auto load SSH profile

I have made a ssh profile in my ssh_config file. If I open a xterm I just type:

ssh test

and then my test profile gets loaded.

I would like to add this function to a menu so I have tried:

  • “&4. Logon (test)” Exec exec xterm -e ‘ssh test’

But nothing happens if I choose “Logon (test)” from my menu.

What is the syntax if I would like to load a predefined SSH profile?

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Please read this following:

and pay particular attention to Nick Fortune’s reply. Alas, I do not get the luxury of being able to reply in such a manner…

In answer to your question however (which has little to do with FVWM), you might want to do something like this:

Test (x /usr/lib/misc/ssh-askpass) AddToMenu <some_menu_name> "Add Agent Identity" Exec ssh-add < /dev/null

I’m locking this topic.

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