Autohiding terminal

I just used the autohide terminal from taviso.
following code performs the hiding motion of the terminal, now I want to restore my previous focus state after the hiding, what sould I add in this
PS: I try many times to subscibe to the fvwm maillinglist but failed, who can tell me exactly the procedure. I’ve followed the instructions on the homepage…

[code]AddToFunc AutohideHide

  • I Schedule $0 $[] WindowShade $1 on
  • I Schedule $0 $[] Deschedule $[]
  • I Schedule $0 $[] Deschedule -$[][/code]

What’s a ‘focus state’?

You can’t have followed them properly, since the mailing-list page on the FVWM site is quite clear. Re-read it.

– Thomas Adam

for example, I was always working in window-1 and I don’t want the hidden console permance to interrupt my former work, ie. I need window-1 to acquire focus right after the whole event. Do I make myself clear? Thanks

Ok, I’ll try it once more…

So you want something like:

AddToFunc AutohideHide
+ I Schedule $0 $[] WindowShade $1 on
+ I Schedule $0 $[] Deschedule $[]
+ I Schedule $0 $[] Deschedule -$[]
+ I Prev (CurrentPage, AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus

Assuming I understand you correctly.

– Thomas Adam

I tried it but there is something weird happened, if I have more than 2 windows in current page. It is not always the right window who acquire focus…

I have those codes in my config, maybe they are responsible for the odd…

DestroyFunc CurrentPageFocusFunc
AddToFunc CurrentPageFocusFunc
+ I Next (CurrentPage, State 2) Focus
+ I None (CurrentPage, Focused) Prev (CurrentPage, !Iconified, !Sticky) Focus

DestroyFunc CurrentDeskFocusFunc
AddToFunc CurrentDeskFocusFunc
+ I Current FlipFocus

DestroyFunc MarkWindowAsActiveFunc
AddToFunc MarkWindowAsActiveFunc
+ I Current (!Iconified) All (CurrentPage, !Focused) State 2 False
+ I Current (!Iconified) State 2 True

Oh, I suspect it is the correct window. Give me an example of your operation, and then tell me which window you’d like to focus.

No – this is related to having a page/desk remember its last focused window. That ought to be separate via FvwmEvent.

– Thomas Adam

Now I define the operation of showing and hiding of the hiddenconsole as “op_H” for convenience.

well, I want window-1 to acquire focus while hiddenconsole’s hiding, and there is only two windows in current page.

At first, I was working in window-1. After one “op_H” operation, window-1 acquire focus successfully right after the 1st “op_H”.

After a while, I perform “op_H” again, but window-2 acquire focus after the 2nd “op_H”.

Just like the two windows acqure focus in turn after each “op_H”…

So Why…

But this is exactly right – “Prev” works on the last window within the stack ring, which is usually (although not always) dictated by focus pattern (such as when you last focused it), or the last window to be created on that page, etc. if you want a specific (and always so) window to be focused, you can use:

+ I All (CurrentPage, "some_name", AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus

– Thomas Adam

Thanks for your instant reply…
I don’t know whether it is influenced by my focus policy, etc, but it must be something who conflicts with your code…

Again, it won’t be. Pastebin your entire FVWM config if you suspect something isn’t working how it should, and I’ll take a look for you.

– Thomas Adam

Depending on your focus policy you might need FPSortWindowlistByFocus.

Ok, that’ll be very nice of you…Thanks in advance…

Aside from a lot of UUoS, there’s nothing wrong with your autohide operation. It’s doing precisely what you’re asking it to.

– Thomas Adam


by the way, I still can’t get my subscription to the fvwm maillinglist…

I know it’s hard for you, but you’re going to have to be much more specific in what it is you want to have happen. How are you autohiding these windows? if it is by selecting them with the mouse (which I suspect it would be as you’re using FvwmAuto), then you would have had to have gone from a focused window (Window A) to Window B. As soon as Window B had shaded, it will go back to the previous window (Window A). If that’s not what you want, state what it is you do want.

Ok. How is sending an email to:

with nothing more than the word:


in the body of the email difficult? There will be a short wait, whilst majordormo processes your email, then you just following the instructions in the reply.

– Thomas Adam

I believe you should change the Focus in AutohideShow to FlipFocus.

huuh…What you described is just what I want, but maybe you’ve misled by my StartupFunction…

I’m not autohiding the hiddenconsole by FakeClick and my FvwmAuto module is useless throughout my config file, I just “shade” and “unshade” a particular terminal(A) which is acting like “hiding” and “showing”. The operation was attached to a keybinding, in my config, Alt+H.

What I want is to have the focus between terminal A (the particular one which I described as hiddenconsole) and my working Window B. But Now the focus is cycling around terminal A, Window B and Window
C, D, E…if there exists.

I want interchange but not cycling…

Thanks Gramphos! What you believed is right, now it’s fixed!

Thanks for all warm-hearted replies, ThomasAdam, thank very much!