Automatic Window Placement

I have a function that when called will strip and window of its Titlebar, Shrink or grow to the size of 200x200, and move it to the upper right corner. Heres the function.

DestroyFunc TileMinimize
AddToFunc   TileMinimize
+ I EwmhBaseStruts 824 0 0 568  ## Makes a 200x200 square in Upper Right Corner 
+ I ThisWindow WindowStyle NoTitle ## Strips Title
+ I Maximize ## Maximizes it up to the 200x200 squaure
+ I EwmhBaseStruts 0 200 0 30 ## Resets back so things max but dont cover the window in the corner.

Now my question is how would i make it so the next window will go under the previous one. So it looks like this PIC[/url]

Depends on your placement policy, and which applications you want tiled in that manner. If it is just those four windows on a specific page, you could use a tilecascade placement policy and set stringent EWMHBaseStruts, checking that windows are moved into position with FvwmEvent and the add_window event mask.

Either way, you’re going to have to use mathematics (hence PipeRead) with possibly ‘Move’ and/or EWMHBaseStruts. That’s the only way I can think you’ll be able to do it.

– Thomas Adam