$bg.cs1 error ?


I have a Colorset 1 defined with bg color rgb:aa/00/00

But when I do an “Echo $[bg.cs1]”, fvwm echoes with “rgb:aaaa/0000/0000”
which is obviously wrong.

Is this a known bug? Where should I file it? The bug report page on fvwm.org are full of spams. I don’t know if developers check it at all.

My version is 2.5.14

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From fvwm man page :

   These  parameters  are replaced with the name of the foreground
   (fg), background (bg), hilight  (hilight)  or  shadow  (shadow)
   color that is defined in colorset <n> (replace <n> with zero or
   a positive integer).  For example "$[fg.cs3]"  is  expanded  to
   the   name   of   the   foreground  color  of  colorset  3  (in
   rgb:rrrr/gggg/bbbb form).  Please refer to the  COLORSETS  sec-
   tion for details about colorsets.

So I don’t think you should file a bug…