binding: key defined and working but error

I have a weird issue with the following binding in fvwm-crystal:

# Alt+^ Key dead_circumflex A $[Mod1]2 QuakeConsole
I get the following message:

[fvwm][ParseBinding]: <<ERROR>> No such key: dead_circumflex

I checked with xev and added the following into my xmodmad config file:

keycode 21 = dead_circumflex

I start fvwm-crystal with startx and xmodmap is launched before fvwm in .xinitrc

I still get the error message. What is weird is than this binding work, I get the quake console visible or not when I press Alt+^. And that in both case.

If I replace this binding by the following, it work too, and it is no error message:

# Alt+' Key apostrophe A $[Mod1]2 QuakeConsole

Is it some way I can use ^ in my bindings, but without the error message?


– Thomas Adam

What is the cause of this?