Borders in FvwmButtons and grabbed b. s. else [solved]

I have 2 problems with my topbar. It is a fvwmbutton with swallowed panels. I want that it look like one horizontal bar, but it show 2 vertical gray bars, the first one is one pixel width between the first and the second swallowed panel, the second one is 2 pxels width between the second and the third swallowed panel. It is no gray bar between the other swallowed panels and this is just what I want to archive if possible.

It look like that for now:

Is it some way to get ride of those 2 gray bars? I try several combinations of the panning option, but don’t get it to work. I am even not sure if the panning option is the right way to go with this.

Another issue is that, after a restart, I get the following error when clicking on FvwmButtons-Pager :

FvwmButtons-Pager: Window 0xc00003 ("FvwmPager") was grabbed by someone else (window 0x602c71)

Here is some code extracts:

Removed, see next posts.

It’s not.

Your code extracts don’t help.

Put your config somewhere for us to see. Oh, and if you could, for the benefit of others, next time stat you’re using fvwm-crystal, please.

– Thomas Adam

Thank you for answering me.

The whole recipe I am working on is at It is not finished, I will transform the menu button and put the audio button somewhere else. But I will first try to solve those 2 issues.

And I will remember to stat that I am using crystal for the future. Thank you for the advice.

I added a Style FvwmStalonePanel BorderWidth 0 option for the notification aera button and the left gray bar is gone. The right gray bar is still here, but 1 pixel width instead of 2. I try to put Style * BorderWidth 0 in order to test, but it is still here.

EDIT : It was related with a bug in stalonetray that doesn’t understand negative geometry values. To use +0 instead of ±1 solved the pixel problem.