Bug: Borders interrupted

i changed recently nothing in my config. Nevertheless my windowborders get somehow disrupted. do you have a clue, what the reason could be?
I am using Debian lenny and fvwm 2.5.25.
my config: pastebin.com/mf83a8ac

Using any patches?

This is very likely a graphics driver issue, or a screen issue. (i.e. poor refresh.)

– Thomas Adam

no patches, totally stock. Maybe it’s a driver isuee, i don’t know. I am using the i810 xorg driver on my centrino duo ibm r60e. Maybe the xorg-people mess something up, or my xorg.conf is wrong. Bt because i think the disruption occured maybe a week ago the first time, i think it’s a driver issue.

I experience similar behaviour on my R60e (same graphics too) and I think it is due to some bug in graphics driver. As it doesn’t bother me much I don’t care… Running Debian testing, using xinerama. See the blue line in the middle.