Can't use "FocusAndSelectButton"

I have this Icon manager:

# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
# FvwmIconMan								                              #
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------ #
DestroyModuleConfig FvwmIcon: *
Style "FvwmIcon" Sticky, NoTitle, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip, NoHandles, BorderWidth 5, FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable, StaysOnBottom, NeverFocus
Colorset 60 Pixmap $[fvwm_home]/colorsets/dock_center.png
*FvwmIcon: Colorset 					60
*FvwmIcon: NumManagers				1
*FvwmIcon: MaxButtonWidth			150
*FvwmIcon: Resolution				page
*FvwmIcon: UseWinList				true
*FvwmIcon: DrawIcons					always
*FvwmIcon: Shape						true
*FvwmIcon: FollowFocus				false
*FvwmIcon: Sort						id
*FvwmIcon: Font 						"xft:Verdana:pixelsize=12:minspace=false"

*FvwmIcon: PlainButton				up
*FvwmIcon: ReliefThickness			1
*FvwmIcon: SelectButton				up
*FvwmIcon: FocusButton				up black darkgray
*FvwmIcon: FocusAndSelectButton 	up black darkgray
*FvwmIcon: IconButton				up

#*FvwmIcon: 1 Title					"All windows"
*FvwmIcon: IconName				"FvwmIcon: all"
*FvwmIcon: Format					"%t, %i"
#*FvwmIcon: ManagerGeometry		755x1+278+3
*FvwmIcon: ManagerGeometry		755x1+278+3
*FvwmIcon: ButtonGeometry		1x25
*FvwmIcon: Action    Mouse   1 N sendcommand DeiconifyRaiseAndFocus
*FvwmIcon: Action    Mouse   2 N sendcommand "Module FvwmIdent FvwmIdent"
*FvwmIcon: Action    Mouse   3 N sendcommand Iconify
# vim: nohlsearch

But nothing happens when I press the windows that are in the taskbar. I would like to give them a special color when you select them, but its not possible. Any hints?

You would need to use ‘‘WindowStyle colorset foo’’ – where ‘foo’ is some number with the already defined colorset.

– Thomas Adam

It still does not work. I think I has something to do with:

*FvwmIcon: Colorset 60

If I out comment this it works again but I would like to use this colorset. Any way around this?

Clarify your ambiguity for me. I read your initial question as wanting to give the selected window a different colour. If you mean instead you wanted to give the button in the FvwmIconMan a different color then see the man page for FvwmIconMan – it’s possible, as is the example contained within it.

– Thomas Adam