Click or hover on menu

I would like to see the following possibility in my menus:

I have a menu with submenus. Whenever I hover over a menu-item, the submenu pops up, allowing me to navigate to the submenu and select the things I need. This is normal behaviour, and I can create such a menu with ‘Popup’. However, even while the submenu is visible, If I don’t move the mouse to the submenu, but instead click on the menuitem itself, I would like to havesome action to be executed.

My aim is:
I have created a dynamic menu representing video in a directory. When I just click on the filename, it should start playing. If I hover over the filename, the submenu pops up, and I could e.g. select a menu to play using an alternative player, look up the filename in imdb, transcode the file, …

Is this at all possible with an fvwm menu ?


– Thomas Adam