color of root window

I’m using fvwm2-2.4.15 under RedHat WS3 and haven’t been able to set the
color of the root window. I tested a .Xclients which reads in part:

xsetroot -solid Red
xterm -sb -sl 500 -j -ls -fn 7x14 -geometry 224x76+0+100 &
sleep 5
exec fvwm2

I can see that xsetroot succeeds in making the root window Red, and this
survives the appearance of the xterm. But when fvwm executes, the root
window changes to a purplish-gray, and I’ve been unable to change this.
Adding this

Module FvwmBacker (Desk *, Page * *) -solid DarkGreen

to ~/.fvwm2rc didn’t help.

I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to change the color of the root
window. Thanks.

Why aren’t you using 2.4.19 (or much more preferrably 2.5.16?)

Then something is clearly changing it. Out of interest, upload your ~/.fvwm2rc file for review, just in case. You might consider adding:

+ I Exec exec xsetroot -solid red

To InitFunction.

– Thomas Adam

I picked up 2.4.15 awhile back because it was available as RPMs. I
should upgrade of course.

Thanks, you answered my question. I hadn’t noticed it, but my InitFunction
already had a call to xsetroot that was setting the color of the root window.
I have it working the way I want now.

Thanks for the fast reply.