Conditioning location of .fvwm2rc on machine id

I’m running fvwm on a few different machines. For reasons I won’t go into, I’m using two different configurations, depending on the version of ubuntu that I"m running. Because of this, I’d like to condition the location of my .fvwm2rc file on something like either a machine id, or ubuntu version. The simplest way to do this would be to force a symbolic link before the first time that .fvwm2rc is invoked. Could somebody please point me to the place where it’s first invoked, so that I can intervene before this happens? Hopefully it’s happening in a bash script, so that conditioning is straightforward.


There are various ways to go about this. One could be write a wrapper in your .xsession that checks for what you want (ubuntu version) and then loads the appropriate config file. Look at the -f option you can tell fvwm what config file to load.

You could also use the Read option inside of fvwm, and in your main .fvwm2rc use PipeRead and a shell to check ubuntu version, and then Read the appropriate config file.