Configuring XDM with Fvwm - Focus-Problem

Hi there!

I’m using XDM as displaymanager. (Before i used gdm), because i found out, how to configure xdm with fvwm :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot:

In the corner in the NorthEast are two extra Buttons. One swallows my FvwmApplet to control my mpd, the other one is to shutdown, reboot or suspend my computer.
This two Buttons appear or disappear by clicking to “Musik” or “Power”.
I also can change the value of my ALSA-Master-Channel.

It works like a charm. But only a focus-problem is there.
No one of the Buttons need the focus. Only the white “xlogin”-window needs it. This is a fucking widget from xdm… :-/
I need the Lenience-Style, to give it the focus back, when it loses the focus once.

which Style do i need, to let the xlogin-window NEVER lose the focus?
The black Bar on the Top is a FvwmButton called “FvwmButtons”
The two Buttons with the mpd-control and the Power-Chooser are called
FvwmMusikButton and FvwmPowerButton.
They are invoked with

DestroyFunc FuncMusik
AddToFunc FuncMusik

  • I Test (EnvMatch A 0) Module FvwmButtons FvwmMusikButton
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) KillModule FvwmButtons FvwmMusikButton
  • I Test (EnvMatch A 0) SetEnv A 1
  • I TestRc (NoMatch) SetEnv A 0

My Style-Section (a part)

Style Fvwm* NoTitle, Sticky, WindowListSkip
Style Fvwm* BorderWidth 0, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip
Style FvwmPager StaysOnTop
Style FvwmBanner StaysOnTop
Style FvwmButtons Icon toolbox.xpm, NeverFocus
Style Fvwm*Button WindowShadeSteps 1000, NeverFocus
Style xlogin ClickToFocus, Lenience



PS: If you want, i can provide the whole Config to pimp the XDM like thix example!

No Ideas? :frowning:

Very impressive xdm + fvwm login screen! I used to have a less sophisticated xdm + fvwm in my login screen, but I have now changed it to a simpler “startx”. I recall I had problems with the focus: if I did not login immediately the xlogin window did lose focus and I had to get the mouse over the xlogin window to be able to introduce the login and password.

In any case, would this work?

Style xlogin SloppyFocus


I tried this, but it also didn’t work. I had also your described focus-problem, but the Lenience-Option solved this. The window gets back the focus, when the mouse is over it.