Cycle through windows without windowlist

Hello at all,

I want my fvwm to cycle through each window on the current screen without opening the windowlist. (I think like described here: viewtopic.php?t=883&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=cycle)

I didn’t get how to do this in the above posting.

At the moment I can switch between two applications using alt+tab (which is quiet nice), or when I’m pressing tab more often, I can cycle through all my Applications in the Windowlist…
But I don’t want to see in my windowlist the Applications from another screen (or desktop) and I didn’t want to see the Windowlist at all. Just raising the new active window… Is this possible?

Thanks in advance…


Sure, just bind alt+tab to this function:

DestroyFunc foo
AddToFunc foo
+ I Next FlipFocus
+ I Current Raise

thanks 6thpink,

but it is possible to cycle only throu windows, which are on my current screen?. At the Moment it is switching the desktops…



DestroyFunc WindowListFunc
AddToFunc WindowListFunc
+ I Next (CurrentDesk, !Focused, AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus

(No need for two separate commands, either.)

– Thomas Adam

Oh, and this is also somewhere in the main FVWM FAQ as well, plus: … q.html#WC2

(There’s plenty of other ways to do that, BTW – I wanted the delay for a reason.)

– Thomas Adam

At least in my case, I need to raise them with a separate command, because FlipFocus will give the focus, but not raise the window. Maybe due the the use of SlopyFocus.

Hmm? Raising a window has nothing to do with use of SloppyFocus. Maybe you thought my comment was meant as a refenence to your post? It wasn’t – it was in reference to what I had written in the cookbook.

– Thomas Adam

Oh, I see. Sorry for the confusion. And thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: