Define variable for directories?

I would like to define a variable that I can use each time I need to specify a dir.

Like a = " /home/me/apps/config"

is that possible?

The command you need is SetEnv, like this:

SetEnv MYVAR "My var's value"

For more info you might want to search the Fvwm manpage for it.

I have made this:

SetEnv ICONS “/home/disk10/tulsoba/.fvwm/icons/”

and then later in the file I have this:

+FvwmDock: (28x5, Frame 1,Icon ICONS"knode.png", Action (Mouse 1) Exec exec knode)

But it does not read the variable when I restart fvwm.

try “$[ICONS]/knode.png”, or add the directory to your ImagePath:
ImagePath /home/disk10/tulsoba/.fvwm/icons

Yup, although be very careful with the ImagePath as you have it listed there.

ImagePath +:/foo/.fvwm/....

You should always (regardless of anything else) prepend things to the ImagePath (hence the ‘+’), else you’ll just redefine it completely.

– Thomas Adam