Defining shortkeys

I have reinstalled Ubuntu and suddenly I have problems with my old shortkey. I have the following for starting emacs:

Key a				A	C2		Exec exec emacs -g 100x60+300+60

before reinstalling I could press that combination anywhere even when the cursor was in other windows (where ctrl-a is used to select all) and it would open emacs.

Now I have to close all windows before I can use the shortkey. Any ideas?

There seems to be nothing wrong with the command, if that command defienetly is in your fvwm configuration file make sure emacs is installed, or that emacs is in your path, you could try hardcoding the path to emacs. eg. /usr/bin/emacs

Also, what is the version of you FVWM?

Also i would change C2 to C, even though C2 works with my fvwm

may be u should check where Mod2 is binded, becouse u use it as required modificator

Indeed. The output of the command:

xmodmap -pm

… would also be useful.

– Thomas Adam