Do functions get cycled when .fvwm2rc is loaded by Xserver?

hi all –

when I restart my computer, I am finding that, it appears, that all of my functions, which are bound to keys, are being ‘cycled’ through, e.g., run when .fvwm2rc is loaded by the xserver…

at least it appears to be that way… am I on crack? Is this kind of thing evenpossibe? The symptom that I I seeing is I have an xmessage that I popup when certain key is presed (still debugging) and when I restart the xserver, I get the xmessage to appear about 300 times… almost as if the function that has the xmessage in its scope keeps getting called over, and over, and over… or that, for some reason my function is getting caught in a loop… but there is no looping within this function…

any ideas?


Hmm. The .fvwm2rc file is loaded by FVWM, not the XServer (I assume this
is what you meant though). The function definitions are re-read yes, but
won’t be acted upon unless instructed to do so – either implicitly
(StartFunction for example) or explicitly: FvwmEvent.

Then it’s likely that you have FvwmEvent or something else running causing

– Thomas Adam

Thomas –

You were right, as expected, on both accounts…

thanks again for all the help and explanations. :slight_smile:

  • Jared