Documentation for style???

No matter how much I use these manpages they never make any sense. I would like to read something about style options. Ie.:

Style FvwmIconMan Sticky, NoTitle, WindowListSkip, CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip, NoHandles, BorderWidth 0,FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable, StaysOnBottom, NeverFocus

FvwmIconMan has a lot of style options. But where do I find what they mean??? I have tried “man FvwmIconMan”, “man fvwmStyle”, “man FvwmStyle”…“man help me god before I turn to WinXP!!!”

What kind of intuition are the authors that has writtin the man pages born with?

That is explained in “man fvwm” – this is the man page that has everything to do with FVWM. For the modules of FVWM, they have their own man pages. I’ll go through that line with you, above (again, please bear in mind the answer to your question is in “man fvwm”):

Style FvwmIconMan

That part of the line says that the options following “FvwmIconMan” are to be applied to any windows that have either the Title, or Class, or Resource of FvwmIconMan.


A sticky window is one that “sticks” to the glass when one switches pages and desks. It’s useful so that you don’t need to run several different instances of the same application on different pages.


Don’t let the window display the title bar. Better written as !Title.


This style options means that a window won’t appear on ‘WinList’, or ‘FvwmWindowMenu’, ‘FvwmIconMan’, etc. It’s useful for applications that you generally don’t need to interact with, such as Xclock, Xteddy, etc., that would otherwise show up on such menus or modules.

CirculateSkipIcon, CirculateSkip

Both of these are similar, so I have included them both. These have the ability to be ignored by conditional FVWM commands such as Next, Prev, All. Although you can tell these commands to include them, for special purposes. CirculateSkipIcon is the same, but for iconic windows.

NoHandles, BorderWidth 0

Handles, are (by decor’s definition) the insets around the corners of a window. They give you the ability to be able to resize, move, etc, a window. The sit “into” the window border in most cases. NoHandles means the specific window won’t have them.

BorderWidth details (in pixels) how thick the border will be. A value of zero turns off borders.


Disables the moving of a window, once it has been mapped.


Disables the ability to resize a window.


Means the window can never be iconified (contradictory in this case to setting the style option circulateskipicon earlier on.)


This will put the window on the lower layer.


This means the window will never receive focus. Useful with things like Xeyes, Xclock, Xteddy, etc.

Perhaps you’re confused. FvwmIconMan has no style options, only configuration options (that is, things in its config it will understand and react to) – which you can see in ‘man FvwmIconMan’.

I don’t know, but I could ask you what attitude you were born with, to get so frustrated as you obviously are, despite the help you’re receiving.

– Thomas Adam

Sorry :blush:

I just ran 3 times around the block, think I needed som air. I think I got a little to frustrated