Don't place transient under cursor

Using Nick’s Big Pager code I have made myself a pop-up pager that I call with Ctrl+Shift+Mouse2. The problem is it appears under the mouse pointer. I’d rather it appeared in the centre of the screen with option to snap the mouse to it or not. Any ideas please?

It will place under the cursor because it is transient, and hence as soon as the mouse is released will then go away. I don’t know if moving the pager will affect this or not, but you can try something like this:

Style FvwmPager CenterPlacement
Next (FvwmPager) WarpToWindow

Or in place of the Next (…) command above, use:

Style FvwmPager GrabsFocus

You should also use an alias here, instead of FvwmPager since that’s going to give you odd results here if you have more than one instance of FvwmPager running.

– Thomas Adam