Enzo's config

hi this a screeny of my config

it is inspired by a theme for litestep called ‘Reluna’

- one Buttonbar with quickstart icons, iconman and pager
- on the right you can see an systembar showing cpu, hd, swap, …
- under it some buttons for controlling xmms

i will post my config later

It’s really nice. But watch out for those transparencies, they waste up lot of memory :slight_smile:

thanks man.
because my config isn’t very special i will just post one part which might be interessting for some of you:

DestroyModuleConfig Taskbar: *
*Taskbar: Geometry 1023x45+1+0
*Taskbar: Font "Shadow=1 b bl r br r :xft:Verdona:roman:pixelsize=1:minspace=True"
*Taskbar: Colorset 22
*Taskbar: Rows 45
*Taskbar: Columns 1024
*Taskbar: BoxSize fixed
*Taskbar: Frame 0
*Taskbar: (34x34+10+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ", Icon $[gant_big]apps/gnome-home.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec rox')
*Taskbar: (34x34+47+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ", Icon $[gant_big]apps/web-browser.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec firefox',Action(Mouse3) 'Exec exec thunderbird')
*Taskbar: (34x34+84+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ", Icon $[gant_big]apps/gnome-terminal.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec aterm')
*Taskbar: (34x34+121+8,Padding 1 0, Icon $[gant_big]apps/abiword_48.png,ActiveTitle " ",Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec gvim')
*Taskbar: (34x34+158+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ",Icon $[gant_big]apps/totem.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec xine',Action(Mouse3)'Exec exec gmplayer')
*Taskbar: (34x34+195+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ", Icon $[gant_big]apps/gnome-media-player.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec xmms')
*Taskbar: (34x34+232+8,Padding 1 0,ActiveTitle " ", Icon $[gant_big]apps/gnome-graphics.png,Action(Mouse1) 'Exec exec gimp-2.2',Action(Mouse3)'Exec exec gthumb')
*Taskbar:(620x40+270+5,Swallow "FvwmIconMan" "FvwmIconMan -g 620x40")
*Taskbar:  (100x26+900+12, Frame 0, Swallow (UseOld, NoClose) FvwmPager)

setting a very small font and an active title with only one space, make your icons bounce up a bit on activate !!
just try and have fun !!!

Will you post Colorset 22?

well it’s no real colorset, it’s a pixmap made after the Reluna theme (nothing very special at all)

I figured that. I just wanted to see how you made a pixmap part of a colorset, because im trying to do the same thing.

Colorset 22 Pixmap $[fvwm_icon_path]/mainbar.png
does this help you ??

Yes it does, thank you.

New version of my config

  • added mpd-Script,calendar-Script (thanks to stonecrest)
  • changed some Colorset (Menu,…)
  • Thumbnails

I really like your wallpaper, can I have it ? :wink:

sure …
you can find it here

will you share config? (-:

I will if I find some time for clean up the config and some place to put it =)

The fvwmwiki.

– Thomas Adam

great config :slight_smile:
I’m looking forward for it :slight_smile:
I hope You will post it…

A new screenshot of my actual config:

nothing really new and special
many parts of the config a taken from gulivert (thanks for it )
on the bottom left it’s a motified version from the mpd control of stonecrest …
icons: Serenity from heylove (http://heylove.deviantart.com/)
wallpaper: Whats the point by wirestyle (http://wirestyle.deviantart.com/)

Nice music. :smiley: