EWMH Hints

I have an application, skype (ip telephony) which should spawn a tray icon when launched. I guess this functionality is geared towards Gnome/KDE, since it uses the Extended Window Manager Hints. Uptill now, this tray icon was displayed by FVWM in a small, separate window, which was fine by me. But after upgrading to a newer version of Skype (, this small window does not appear at all. After closing the main Skype window, you normally click on this icon to have it come up again. But since I have no tray icon anymore, I lose the program GUI…

I tried ‘docker’ and ‘peksystray’ to ‘trap’ this tray icon using a FvwmButtons instance. This did not work.

Could somebody point me in the right direction as to which config options I should use to display this tray icon window?


Peksystray has always worked for me (sort of…), are you sure no new settings have been added to skype that enable or disable the tray icon?

As a matter of fact, I am unable to dock Skype when I run peksystray without swallowing it in a FvwmButton. Since it “sort of” :wink: works for you, what are your Fvwm config options? How do you run peksystray?