eye candy reccommendations

I want some good eye candy so I can show off to my friend (who runs kde on freebsd).

What are some fun things that fvwm can do that other WMs can’t?

You need to structure your question with specifics, since as you have it at the moment, that could mean anything – there’s lots you can do, but whatever you end up showing him, it is going to be subjective anyway. However, some things that you might want to consider:


  • Transparency
  • FvwmPager
  • Gdesklets
  • FvwmScript

– Thomas Adam

One thing you will want to show, is titlebars at left, right, bottom :slight_smile:
Also, a function something like:
All (currentdesk) PlaceAgain
is going to produce something not achievable with other wm’s/de’s
(also, very handy with low-res screens)
FvwmRearrange -tile -noresize -animate -h etc.
My 0.2 €

Thumbnailed icons and miniicons are good. Or you could throw in a full screen pager: viewtopic.php?t=222&highlight=

More to the point, think about interfaces as much as eye candy. Just about any WM/DE can do icons+wallpaper theming. FVWM gives you the option to decide how things work. Use that. Be creative.