Flash video not working when Iceweasel pass to fullscreen


I would like to pose a small question regarding Flash video and Iceweasel.

Into my configuration I have :

DestroyFunc FuncNewWindow
AddToFunc   FuncNewWindow
+ I ThisWindow (AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus NoWarp
# I have to remove this line below because firefox flash fullscreen not working :(
#+ I Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon

The problem with #+ I Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon:
If I remove #+ I Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon, I can do fullscreen with any embedded flash video such as youtube
If I uncomment # this line, I cannot watch youtube in fullscreen

I checked with fvwmident, of fullscreen video, fvwmident cannot say what is the app (eg. Iceweasel )
it seems there is no applications focused although one has it in fullscreen

I do not understand. An expert person with Fvwm would you any help ?

thanks by chance !

My configuration is located here: pastebin.com/hmHi7mmm

The problem is with whatever GeneateMiniIcon is doing, so let’s see that…

Completely bizarre on your account. You have “Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon”, which immediately on calling that chains another “Schedule” command together? Lame.

The reason it breaks your oh-so-nice fullscreen is because the flash player window hates receiving any kind of events in fullscreen – you’ll just need to special-case it if you can by not running your Generate thing.

– Thomas Adam


I am very lamer indeed.
The problem is that I have been obliged to put Schedule 200 because at the startfunction I get a cross that inquiries me to generate a miniicon

I post you the inquired code:

DestroyFunc GenerateMiniIcon
AddToFunc GenerateMiniIcon
+ I Schedule 1200 PipeRead "xwd -silent -id $[w.id] | convert -scale $(( ($[w.width] * 90) / $[vp.width]))x$(( ($[w.height] * 60) / $[vp.height]))! -frame 1x1 \
    -mattecolor black -quality 0 xwd:- png:$[HOME]/.fvwm/icontmp/miniicon.tmp.$[w.id].png \
    && echo WindowStyle EWMHMiniIconOverride, MiniIcon $[HOME]/.fvwm/icontmp/miniicon.tmp.$[w.id].png \
    || echo nop" 

DestroyFunc DestroyMiniIcon
AddToFunc DestroyMiniIcon
+ I Exec rm -f $[HOME]/.fvwm/icontmp/miniicon.tmp.$[w.id].png

That’s because your GenerateMiniIcon function uses: $[w.id] where it assumes there’s a valid window context for it to run in. There is never a guarantee this is so in StartFunction, either because there are no functions, or no windows to recapture, etc.

Using Schedule here to fake this is not the right solution – you should be generating a miniicon for some window in some other way, using either FvwmEvent or more preferrably using 2.5.31:

Style foo InitialMapCommand GenerateMiniIcon

– Thomas Adam

Dear Thomas,

I have added this line to the .fvwm2rc. It lets the startfunction work without the cross :slight_smile:

Style foo InitialMapCommand GenerateMiniIcon

I can keep this in the configuration, and it works well:

DestroyFunc FuncNewWindow
AddToFunc   FuncNewWindow
+ I ThisWindow (AcceptsFocus) FlipFocus NoWarp
# I have to remove this line below because firefox flash fullscreen not working :(
+ I Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon

However the issue with fullscreen still remains. For instance when I press on fullscreen, on this url of the video stream tv-tube.net/tvchannels/watch/47/alientv , the video pass in fullscreen but after about 1sec, the fullscreen is cancelled (due to + I Schedule 200 GenerateMiniIcon ) :frowning:


Yes. If you want to find out why, see: fvwmwiki.xteddy.org/fvwmwiki/Fun … onContext/

You seem to be missing my point here… at the moment you have this:

Schedule 200 -> GenerateMiniIcon -> Schedule -> 1200 -> PipeRead

Which really works out to being this overall:

Schedule 1400 -> PipeRead

The only reason you had Schedule 200 in StartFunction was a complete race-condition, where you may or may not have had a window context for the command in GenerateMiniIcon to work or not. So you really don’t need to Schedule 200 anything because GenerateMiniIcon is now being called in a window context whenver a new window appears.

Seemingly, if I rephrase the same answer different ways, are you going to think that you’re going to get the answer you want to hear? Because if so… c’est tres mauvais.

Most flash fullscreen windows are useless – have you tried running fullscreen on such a video manually, and moving the mouse out of the fullscreen window? As soon as it loses focus, it goes away – the same thing is happening here when you’re trying to create a thumbnail for it. Of course, it’s pointless, you’re never going to see one for this window, so why you’re even bothering in the first place seems wasteful.

– Thomas Adam