Maybe I’m misunderstanding what FlipFocus is supposed to do, or maybe I just have something else messed up.

I have Alt+Tab running this function:

DestroyFunc FuncNextWindow
AddToFunc FuncNextWindow
+ I Next (CurrentPage, !Iconic) Raise
+ I Next (CurrentPage, !Iconic) FlipFocus

However, if I have three windows open (1, 2 and 3), and have 1 focused, press alt+tab… window 2 is raised and focused. Now, if I do it again window 3 is raised and focused… but I was wanting it to go back to window 1 (like the default for most other WMs). How would I do that?

You want to use “Prev” for that. Note that the difference for Focus and FlipFocus can be found here:


– Thomas Adam