Focus window with pager in FvwmButtons

Hello, I have a button bar and I’ve managed to swallow FvwmPager in it with this configuration:




Style “SteelBlueButtons” NoTitle, Handles, Borders, Sticky, WindowListSkip,
CirculateSkip, StaysOnBottom, FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable

DestroyModuleConfig SteelBlueButtons: *
*SteelBlueButtons: ButtonGeometry 96x96
*SteelBlueButtons: Colorset 15
*SteelBlueButtons: Rows 1
*SteelBlueButtons: Columns 10
*SteelBlueButtons: Frame 0
*SteelBlueButtons: PressColorset 11
*SteelBlueButtons: ActiveColorset 14
*SteelBlueButtons: Font “Shadow=2 4:xft:Verdana:Bold:pixelsize=16:minspace=True:antialias=True”

TODO: make the Root menu pop up above the button bar

*SteelBlueButtons: (3x1, Frame 0, Swallow “FvwmPager” “FvwmPager 0 1”)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/tux2.png, ActionOnPress,
Action(Mouse 1) Menu FvwmRootMenu)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/filesystems/folder_home.png,
Action(Mouse 1) Exec exec rox $[HOME])
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/emacs.png,
Action(Mouse 1) “FvwmEmacs”)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/mozilla-firefox.png,
Action(Mouse 1) “FvwmFireFox”)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/konsole.png,
Action(Mouse 1) Exec exec xterm)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/gimp.png,
Action(Mouse 1) “FvwmGimp”)
*SteelBlueButtons: (Frame 0, Icon 72x72/apps/display.png,
Action(Mouse 1) “FvwmLockScreen”)
*SteelBlueButtons: (3x1, Frame 0,
Swallow FvwmApplet-DigitalClock
FvwmScript $[FVWM_USERDIR]/FvwmScript/DigitalClock 16)[/code]

I can click on the pager to change desktops, but i can’t focus individual windows by clicking on their representations in the pager. How can I change this configuration so that I can focus the windows by clicking on the icons in the pager?

*FvwmPager: SloppyFocus

– Thomas Adam

Thanks, that worked. I did not try that because I’d read in the man page that the SloppyFocus option violated the regular SloppyFocus policy somehow. Seems okay to me now :wink:

Thanks, you always come through!

I do? I’ve only seen two questions from you.

– Thomas Adam