Fontcolor Menu

I’m using a config I found here on this forum and have already changed it a bit. (I don’t know for sure whose config it was, but I think it was one of the configs of Gulivert). But I have a couple of questions.
Everytime I change my wallpaper (so for example I use a wallpaper which is almost entirely black) to a wallpaper which is most of it blue, the color of my fonts in my menu (this is transparent) change from white to yellow or red. How can I avoid this to happen? Is this some feature of fvwm or one of its modules or is this something I can change in the config?
I 've already read what the manpage tells about FVWMIdent but I still don’t know what this does. Can somebody try to explain me?


Ps: correct my English so it becomes better.

I believe what you are seeing is “average color calculation”.
You want to see what is in the Colorset definition for menus, and defining proper foreground color (“fg”).

One reason could be that Guli is using translucent menus, for what to use you need to apply a patch (you can find it by searching, as I don’t have a link right now).


I removed something that was defined by the menucolorset and problem has been solved.