fonts configuration question

Hey, everyone… please do accept my apology if this has been posted elsewhere in the forums, but I’ve not been able to find the answer with the search button, I’ve scanned the man pages, and I’ve spent numerous hours searching Google with no results.

I’m familiar with xft fonts, but what I’m looking for is information regarding the fonts used in fvwm configs, especially the part that looks like this: se:xft

I think one config I came across had this: C:xft

Can anyone here point me to a link that would explain what the “se” and the “c” means, and are there other such terms that can be used with them?

Again, I’m sorry if the answers are obvious and I’ve somehow missed them.

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Here is my guess:

See the FVWM manual and look for “Font shadow effects”. “SE” == South East and “C” == Center.

So one can concatenate it with just C:xft? Nice to know. I’ve used it like Font Shadow=“1 1 C”:“xft:somefont”, where first number is the size of the shadow, and latter number is the offset, and the last argument the direction.

Hey thanks, Paapaa, I really appreciate the reply and it appears that you are correct.

My man page searches apparently failed to find this section because I was doing all the searches using the exact term “se:xft” and that term isn’t used at all in the Font Shadow Effects section, as they don’t provide a working example. Searching Google with that term only gives a few fvwm configs, so my hours of searching were all in vain.

Anyway, after reading it over it all makes sense now. Thanks again! :slight_smile: