Forbidding a selected desktop area to a window


I’d like to set a specified area of the desktop that will not be overwritten by any window (expect for example FvwmButton or/and sticky windows) so my start panel, pager, etc. won’t be hidden under other window.
Any sugestions?!

thx :slight_smile:

EwmhBaseStruts is your friend. You will need to check the fvwm man pages for the usage. Basically it takes 4 arguments that allow windows opened from obscuring certain places on your desktop.

it works only when i maximize a window but i can still move a window over that area :frowning:

Yes, as is intended. Currently, blocking out regions of the screen so that nothing can cover it, is not possible.

– Thomas Adam

For objects in the region you’re not wanting to cover, you could try setting SnapAttraction. Won’t prevent you from covering it, but will make it harder to do accidentally. If you just want a bare region, like over a root-tail or the like, I’m not sure of anything to do, unless SnapGrid would help.

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So just don’t move anything in there. :slight_smile:

The problem with using Snap{Attraction,Grid} is that it assumes certain conditions about the window(s) used. Assuming the area of the screen not wanting to be covered is marked/outlined by a window, then starting that window up in a high layer, such as:

Style mywindow Layer 0 50

Should mean that when a window tries to cover it, it goes behind the window, rather than over it. You could also use “StartsOnTop” – which is a convenience function for “Layer 0 6”. Although putting the specific window in a much higher layer than is needed ensures it really does stay ontop.

– Thomas.