From Kde to Fvwm: a little question

Hi to everybody!
I’ve seen a lot of screenshot thet really impressed me made with fvwm, and I would like to learn how to configure my own window manager.
I have a question: is it possible to add some fvwm functionalities ( such as thumbnails ) to my actual wm ( KDE ) without writing all the conf file?
Some links containing beginner’s guides would also be vey appreciated…:wink:

Thank you, hoping to become soon a fvwm guru…:slight_smile:

Eclipse (Italy)

You might want to hava a look at the links in this post.

Fvwm can be integrated with KDE but I wouldn’t know how to go about it, you’d still need to write a fairly complete Fvwm configuration anyway…

I knew I need to study…My wish is to get my actual window-style ( I’m using Baghira for Kde = Mac OSX style ) improving it with some features like Animation, Thumbnails etc…
I’m going to read the begginer’s guide inside the post you linked.
I hope to get it through…

Bye :smiley: