Fullscreen on Dual Head X


I reinstalled my system after years… (Im now on gentoo) and have a small problem. I am using nvidias TwinView and my fvwm2 looks really good. But when I want an application-window to be displayed in fullscreen-mode it is resized over both monitors. I want them only to be fit to one monitor.
Also when I hit alt+tab to switch through my active windows, now it cycles to the apps on both monitors…

Is this a fvwm-config thing, or do I have to look for this issue on my xorg.conf? (because in my xorg.conf I cant find anything about it. AND: It is the same xorg.conf i was using on my old system…)

Thanks in advance,


Did you actually tell FVWM to use Xinerama?

Xinerama On XineramaPrimaryScreen n

(Where “n” is the number of your monitor you want the primary screen to be on, obviously.)

– Thomas Adam