FVWM Beginners Guide images problem

I have configured my own(?) .fvwm2rc theme using this guide, customizing it a bit along the way, with some success. I downloaded and untarred the separate accompanying images package, but my configuration – which in this respect mirrors the one presented – doesn’t seem to “pick up” any of the images/icons required. I have them all in the same .fvwm directory as my .fvwm2rc. Is there something more I need to do? My theme works fine, except it’s all in black and white, with no icons or colors, and also with no background (wallpaper).

You have to check the variable image_path.

Here is my config:

ImagePath /usr/share/icons/noia_kde_100:
ImagePath $HOME/.fvwm/icons:+
ImagePath $HOME/.fvwm/decor:+

Fvwm look for icons in /usr/share/icons/noia_kde_100 first then, $HOME/.fvwm/icons and then $HOME/.fvwm/decor.

You’re continually prepending things there. c,f,:

ImagePath /usr/share/icons/noia_kde_100:$[FVWM_USERDIR]/icons:$FVWM_USERDIR/decor:+

– Thomas Adam

My /usr/share/icons directory has no noia_kde_100 directory/file.

It wouldn’t do, unless you download that icon set. Might I suggest that in the meantime, you head over to:


and see what they have to offer. (The wmicons set was released to be WM-agnostic, and stemmed from FVWM anyway, so it’ll work well with FVWM, even if some of the icons aren’t to your liking.)

– Thomas Adam

I did change the ImagePath re your suggestions and even without the kde directory/file the PATH search moved on, and now I have icons and colors – but still no background/wallpaper.

That’s dependant upon how you’re setting your wallpaper. Using fvwm-root, will use your ImagePath, but if you’re using something like feh, or esetroot, then you’d need to specify the full path.

– Thomas Adam

Thomas: Our messages are crossing. You’re too fast for me – but I’m much appreciative.

I did download and install the wm-icon set, and tried entering it at the head of my IMAGEPATH (in place of the kde) but it doesn’t come up. The same default icons that I just reported to you, from the Beginners Guide are still the operative ones. But I’m grateful for that, even though I don’t much like them, in that I had no icons before the two of you gave me guidance. Many thanks, again. Jim