Fvwm config standard

Hi all!
I’m a noob to fvwm and i’m writing a small config to learn more about fvwm.
I’ve found this:
so i’ve tried to convert my config (based on the Pem’s work, so have similar file structure) to fit this standard but it doesn’t work.
It seem that all things made in the ~/fvwm/config file are done normally, but the other read from there and situated in the other files are not working.
Is there an order in witch they might be called/readed from the general config file? or something like that could influence the behaviour of the config?
I really have no idea of what is wrong, so any advice or link to anything useful is really appreciated!
Thanks to all!

I am also a noob and this is part of my config and an example of a file read by that config if it is of any help:


[code]# Initialization: StartFunction is executed on startups and restarts. InitFunction and RestartFunction are executed during initialization and restarts after StartFunction.
AddToFunc StartFunction

  • I Test (Init) Exec exec kdeinit
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec xmodmap -e “pointer = 3 2 1 4 5”
  • I Test (Init) Exec exec gkrellm2 -g +1+250
  • I Menu Utils root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately
  • I Menu Gent root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately
  • I Menu Oficina root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately
  • I Menu Internet root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately
  • I MenuStyle Ordina MenuColorset 44
  • I Menu Ordina root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately
  • I Menu Oci root 0p 0p TearOffImmediately

stop Maximised windows from obscuring anything you want to be visible

EwmhBaseStruts 60 0 0 0

Read Configurations

Read backer
Read colors
Read style
Read decor
Read keys
Read mouse
Read VirtualDesktops
Read menus
Read pager
#Read buttons[/code]


DesktopSize 3x3 EdgeScroll 100 100 EdgeResistance 500 500 EdgeThickness 1

You can also have a look to this introductory page.

I have been in fvwm for a couple of months and I find it awesome. Be patient at the beginning ;.). Good luck!

You’d have to show us your config file. When I wrote the wiki page to which you’ve referenced, I did so as a guide only. You can use any files you like, providing your main ~/.fvwm/config file has a series of Read statements in them.

Maybe. But generally not. Again, I’d have to see your config file.

– Thomas Adam

Thanks to both of you!
I’ll read the suggested tutorial and go ahead trying…
however here is the config i actually use, witch doesn’t follow the suggested standard
and here is the one i’ve tried to modify following the standard.
Thanks again!

I have tried the approach you used in your file:

SetEnv fvwm_conf $./conf/ Read .$[fvwm-conf]/fvwm2rc-functions

It has not worked for me either. I was not being so organized with my files (I am writting fvwm config from scratch) and your post has been an incentive to work on it. I have had a look at Thomas Adam post on environment variables.

I have created a separated startfunction file. To read it, I have ended up with:

Read $[FVWM_USERDIR]/conf/startfunction

So I save an environmental variables and it keeps equally simple.


Update: This also works:

SetEnv dir_conf $[FVWM_USERDIR]/conf/ Read $[dir_conf]startfunction

this was really enlightening!!!
the error was just a silly mistyped _
i’m really sorry for bothering :blush: :blush:

I am not bothered at all. On the contrary: I have learned how to organise my config files. Any time! Thanks!

Yes, but it’s completely unnecessary. Use:

Read $./conf/fileA
Read $./conf/fileB

“$.” only ever gets expanded within the Read statement enabling you to use relative paths from $[FVWM_USERDIR] for just this scenario without the need for creating unnecessary storage variables.

– Thomas Adam