fvwm default setting and config file

Hi, all

This is really a basic question:
I’m using fvwm 2.5. and I like the menu style of the default fvwm ( By default fvwm, I mean the appearance of fvwm when the .fvwm/config dose not exist.)
However, after I create .fvwm/config file, the menu style changes even when the .fvwm/config file is empty.
My question is how to get the default menu style back when I use .fvwm/config file to customize fvwm?
Could thomasadam or somebody else give the codes of .fvwm/config to achieve the same appearance as the fvwm default case?
Thank you.


Well, the presence of a ~/.fvwm/config file DOES NOT automagically alter the appearance of the menu. Let me make that clear.

As for what the menu’s definition is, do you mean the grey menu with black text? Well, surely there’s a clue, eh?

And don’t use 2.5.X, yes 2.6.X.

– Thomas Adam