Fvwm icons as taskbar

Instead of the standard icons you get when minimising i have the nifty “mini screenshot” version.

I want to know if its possible to set the icons in such a way that that they are always on the desktop, regardless of whether the app is minimised or not.

The idea is that the icons serve in place of the taskbar, allowing me to free up deskspace.

Is something like this possible? Has something like it been done?


You mean like icons on the root window?


You could adapt that such that instead of "exec"ing the application, you perform a command of:

All (some_name) FlipFocus

Or what have you.

– Thomas Adam.

Something similar to that except except icons are only on the desktop if the app has been launched.

Clicking on the icon would then bring that app to the front.

Thanks for the pointer, ill read it & might be able to adapt it.

Then you can do that via FvwmEvent and add_window. So something like this:

DestroyModuleConfig FE: *
*FE: Cmd Function
*FE: add_window FuncSomeFunc $[w.name] some_icon.png "-g 0+0"

Module FvwmEvent FE

Starts up FvwmEvent, and tells that alias (FE) to only listen for add_window events – that is, each time a window is mapped, at which time it will run the specified function, passing to it the name of the window that was mapped.

DestroyFunc FuncSomeFunc
AddToFunc  FuncSomeFunc
+ I DestroyModuleConfig $0Launch: *
     + I *$0Launch: Geometry 64x68
     + I *$0Launch: Columns 1
     + I *$0Launch: Rows    4
     + I *$0Launch: Frame   0
     + I *$0Launch: (1x3+0+0, Icon $1, Action (Mouse 1) `Function RaiseMe $0`)
     + I *$0Launch: Pixmap none
     + I *$0Launch: (1x1+0+3, Font 9x15, Fore White, Back DarkBlue, \
                    Title $0, Action (Mouse 1) `Function RaiseMe $0`)
     + I Style $0Launch HandleWidth 0, NoTitle
     + I Module FvwmButtons $2 $0Launch

The above then builds the icon, using the information passed to it. The function RaiseMe would then do something like this:

DestroyFunc  RaiseMe
AddToFunc   RaiseMe
+ I All ($0) Raise

(Or whatever you wanted.) Note that you’d also want to ignore certain windows, which you can do at the top of the FuncSomeFunc function with:

+ I ThisWindow ("thisname|thatname|anothername") Break
+ I ThisWindow (Transient) Break

For example.

I don’t know whether it works, it’s off the top of my head.

– Thomas Adam

I got the functionality i want by using iconbox.

If i set Style * NoIcon all running programs appear in the iconbox. Clicking on the icon brings the app to the front( no app is ever minimised, only in the background)

Its not exactly as i want it but close.

Several questions:

  1. Ultimately i want to use an applications mini screenshot as the icon in the iconbox, this shouldnt be a problem should it?

  2. How can i get rid of the text under the icons?

  3. How can i get rid of the iconboxs’ border?

  4. No icon appears for aterm, i know i want to see screenshot icons but untill i get that working ill need the standard one. If i get rid of the text under the icons ill see nothing for the aterm. I have seen a method of setting icons for apps e.g. style “aterm” icon 'blah.png but if i use this that particular app no longer appears in the iconbox - i made the icons appear there by setting Style * NoIcon.

Sorry about the bucnh of questions but im still new at this & cant find it in the documentation.

I assume you mean FvwmIconBox? Yes, you could have used that, but it’s not a very good module, to be honest.

Again, if it’s the IconBox style you’re referring to, then it’s already present.

Style * NoIconTitle

You must mean FvwmIconBox in this instance:

Style * FvwmIconBox !Borders

You need to reword this a little.

It’s there. You just need to know where to look.

– Thomas Adam

I cant really comment on that, its come closest to providing what i want so far, but then i first installed fvwm two weeks ago so well see.

Anyway thanks for the quick reply!

yea where i say iconbox i mean FvwmIconBox.

Style * NoIconTitle -> works for the icons on the desktop, but doesnt seem to work for icons in FvwmIconBox.

Style * FvwmIconBox !Borders -> Thanks!

As for the last part if i start a program, say firefox, the firefox icon appears in the FvwmIconBox alogn with the text underneath.

If i start Aterm, no icon appears, just the text.

Thanks again!

Not surprising. Like I say, it’s a limiting module.

– Thomas.

Ok i see what you mean now :unamused:

Ill keep trying anyway. Sooner or later, one way or another ill get it.