fvwm & kde

i’m running fvwm in kde and have my own taskbar built with fvwmbuttons…

  1. can i popup kde menu?
  2. can i swallow kde applets?

Can you provide an example? Any application that uses a menu will display it – this even includes KFM (or whatever they’re calling it these days)

Probably – it depends how the applet behaves. If it’s a standalone program, then sure. Else just launch ‘kicker’, manually.

– Thomas Adam

Really I think that these two questions can be resumed in only one, that would be “can I use kicker applets into a fvwmbuttons?”, since the k-menu, that is probably the menu that you are talking about, is another kicker applet.

From my own experience, I doubt that there is an easy way to do that other than swallowing kicker into a fvwmbuttons. The applets are not standalone programs, and relly too much on (and are too much tied to) kicker, which is the kde panel. The kicker applets/plugins or whatever you call them are (including the k-menu and as far as I know) just libraries, that kicker can use to provide some extra functionality (in other words, .so files, wich usually are not of so much help without a program that serves the interface, in this case kicker). Note that, even other kde native panels, like kooldock or ksmoothdock cant either use kicker applets (so they need their own plugins), so I doubt that there is any chance using just what fvwm provides.

Still, as Thomas Adam suggests, there is the possibility of swallowing kicker into a fvwmbuttons. But note that, in this way, you will have to be carefull with the kicker configuration, you will not be able for example to move kicker, or to configure its screen position, since it would be the fvwmbuttons settings what would take precedence.

… which is why I suggested running Kicker, but I didn’t allude to swallowing it in FvwmButtons. :slight_smile:

– Thomas Adam

Sorry, I put words that arent yours in your mouth :slight_smile: I think I missunderstood your suggestion or did not read it slowly enough. :slight_smile:

But in topic: I assumed that what he needs is just a place to hold his kicker favourite applets into a fvwmbuttons, that is why I was so inclined to think that the solution would be to swallow the kicker along with the applets into a fvwmbuttons instance, since the rest of the stuff is supposed to be controled from the fvwm panel that he made. Of course, it is perfectly possible to run kicker along with fvwm without swallowing it. :wink:

ok… now i want to swallow kde panel… so i began swallowing “kicker” and it works… then i thought to swallow more than one panel but i see that all kde panels are held by the only kicker process… right? how can i swallow two different panels in two different swallow places?
thanks in advance!

I think that that is not possible without some heavy tweakings on the kicker source. As you say, kicker holds all its resources under the same names, so it is impossible to differenciate them. Maybe you can try to:

1.- Start kicker and swallow it into a given position, if you have configured kicker to start more panels only one of them should be swallowed, presumably the main one (which loads before) but as I said there is no way to make sure.
2.- Swallow kicker again in another place (this time without Exec’ing it, because there are “orphan” kicker panels around, hopefully the other panel that is around will be swallowed this time (just try, I never tried that).

Of course this is a very ugly thing and I dont recommend you to do that, since it can mess up your layout every onece and then… If you are really intending to run kicker, why not to run kde with fvwm as wm? Anyway, dcop and kioslaves will be started with kicker, so the only thing that kde will add is ksmserver…

If you decide to try that just export KDEWM=“fvwm” into any x init script.