fvwm-menu-desktop and Ubuntu

Does anyone have fvwm-menu-desktop properly displaying the Gnome menus on Ubuntu (Hoary)?


Can you provide more information, such as what you’re after, what you’ve tried, and what you’re expecting to happen? fvwm-menu-desktop is not depedant on any one distro.

– Thomas Adam

I guess I was expecting a little more output than:

$ fvwm-menu-desktop
DestroyMenu “gnome-sys”
AddToMenu “gnome-sys” “Gnome System Menu” Title

  • “Internet” Popup “gnome-sys-Internet-5”
    DestroyMenu “gnome-sys-Internet-5”
    AddToMenu “gnome-sys-Internet-5” “Internet” Title
  • “Dillo” Exec exec dillo


$ fvwm-menu-desktop --desktop gnome-user
DestroyMenu “gnome-user”
AddToMenu “gnome-user” “Gnome User Menu” Title


Did you read the man page? fvwm-menu-desktop produces output for FVWM to interpret on-the-fly. So it is best to have the command ‘fvwm-menu-desktop’ in a position, such that the output can be handled from it. A rough interpretation would be something like:

AddToMenu foo "Gnome rocks" Popup gnome-sys
PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-desktop --desktop gnome-sys'

Put that in your .fvwm2rc file, somewhere. You will need to bind the resulting output to a mouse button or somesuch:

Mouse 0 R A Popup foo

– Thomas Adam

Well i get a menu but it is not the full menu there is only one application inside a submenu but not all the menu as I get get from the gnome-panel-menu… :unamused: any idea ?