fvwm-menu-desktop -- some questions + bug found


I just wanted to have auto-generated system menu.
So I read about update-menus from Debian systems and fvwm-menu-desktop and here is some things about…

  1. Why does Fvwm read menudefs.hook file while starting? In this file there are definitions of generated menus, so why Fvwm keeps them in memory if there wasn’t any requests to use the hook?
    As I know, menudefs.hook is generating by update-menus (in Debian’s systems). Well, exactly by /etc/menu-methods/fvwm :wink:
    And as I know (I’m not sure, correct me if I’m wrong), update-menus runs by dpkg after deb package installed, so this menudefs.hook file is indepentent from Fvwm. Can’t find explanation why Fvwm reads this file every time.

  2. To get this menu, I added this line to my StartFunction:

 + I PipeRead 'fvwm-menu-desktop --desktop gnome-user'

And this generates gnome-user menu and all submenus. So in this this (according to point 1 above). All menus definitions are duplicated in memory.

But there is another problem. Some categories are double in menudefs.hook:

[code]xsx :: banan :~: grep Dźwięk .fvwm/menudefs.hook
DestroyMenu “/Debian/Aplikacje/Dźwięk”
AddToMenu “/Debian/Aplikacje/Dźwięk” “Dźwięk” Title Top

  • “&Dźwięk” Popup “/Debian/Aplikacje/Dźwięk”
    DestroyMenu “/Debian/Applications/Dźwięk”
    AddToMenu “/Debian/Applications/Dźwięk” “Dźwięk” Title Top
  • “Dź&więk” Popup “/Debian/Applications/Dźwięk”[/code]

IMHO, this is problem of my system, not Fvwm, isn’t it?

  1. If I wish to have mini-icons in the menus, I have to add --enable-mini-icons
    but it doesn’t work because of bug (or my stupidity) :frowning:

to use png icons i need --png-icons-path
and then path is defined_above/mini_path

so to remove minit_path is define --mini-icons-path “”

png path works
now we have problem with xpm (mini?) path cause it’s related to mini-icons-path so “” :wink:

how to get the same path for xpm and png files?

So, definition of icon is in wrong place.

  1. Some problems with locales (system problem?)

Some submenus are double (one in english, one in my national language).
Like: Gry and Games
Any idea about this issie?

The Debian package maintainer thought this a good idea.

Is this a conceptual thing only? Confer:

+ I Test (Init) PipeRead '.....'

Shouldn’t you be reading:


Anyway? That’s the newer file.

See: $[gt.foo]

– Thomas Adam

It saves us some memory:

  • I PipeRead ‘$[FVWM_USERDIR]/scripts/menu-clear /etc/X11/fvwm/menudefs.hook’

and menu-clear:

[code]#!/usr/bin/env perl

while(<>) {
print if /DestroyMenu/;

It has to be for Init and Restart as well, so Test (Init) isn’t suitable.

I don’t have DebianMenu anywhere (checked by find).

Can you say a bit more?
Echo $[gt.Gry]
[FVWM][Echo]: Gry

Can’t find anything in manuals.

You’re not looking hard enough.

– Thomas Adam