fvwm style for xfce4-panel

I am using fvwm (2.5.30) with xfce4-panel and am wondering what the best way is to configure this combination.

Of course, I don’t want any window decorations for the xfce4-panel, so I have create a suitable custom style for the xfce4-panel (Style “xfce4-panel” NoTitle …), but the problem with that is that this style also applies to the xfce4-panel configuration window - but I would prefer the default style to be applied to that configuration window.

FvwmIdent tells me “Name: xfce4-panel, Icon Name: xfce4-panel, Class: Xfce4-panel, Resource: xfce4-panel” for the panel itself and “Name: Panel, Icon Name: Panel, Class: Xfce4-panel, Resource: xfce4-panel” for the panel configuration window. As the “Style” matches any name, class or resource, the “xfce4-panel” style gets applied to both. So what’s the best way to configure fvwm to only apply a custom style the xfce4-panel itself?

Use 2.6.1.

The order matters.

So if the configuration window is called “Panel” and the XFCE4-Panel itself is only identified as xfce4-panel, then you must put the style for “Panel” after anything you want styled for Xfce4-panel.

Style Xfce4-panel Foo, Bar, Baz
Style Panel !Foo, Bar, Baz

– Thomas Adam

Ok, I had hoped that there would be a better way - because that essentially means that I will have to duplicate the default style for the panel configuration windows (which I wanted to avoid).

What I had hoped for would be something like specifying a style that should only apply if the window name matches (ignoring the class/resource). But I guess that’s not possible then…

No you don’t. You might end up negating it for a specific instance.

No yet it isn’t. But it’s on my TODO list.

– Thomas Adam