fvwm trayer


I use fvwm-crystal, but my trayer does not seem to work. I use desktop-layout 1.1.
If I start amarok or gaim for example, the trayer does not show anything. I can’t even see the trayer itself. If I start skype I see the trayer with an icon in it, but also this happens only from time to time :frowning:

I did not change anything in the fvwm-crystal configuraiton, just using standard setup.

Why does my trayer not work properly :frowning:

Thanks a lot!

Did you enable system tray notification for gaim. In the prefrences go to plugins and scroll down and put a check in the box. Im not sure about amarok but from what i have read in the forums here kde apps dont show up in non kde trayers. Hope that helped.

No I did not. I well check this.

But what about my skype problem. Why does the trayer only show up from time to time. It should show up, when I start skype and close it, doesn’t it?

Thanks a lot!

maybe this?