Fvwm Window Borders Help

Hi everyone, i’m very new to Fvwm and also these forums. First of all, i have been playing around with a config i got somewhere off the internet to learn how to setup Fvwm to my liking. My question is: how would you go about specifying a window border that doesn’t wrap around the titlebar? Here’s a screenshot to see what i mean – img211.imageshack.us/my.php?image=fvwm2ja5.png

What i would like is for the side bars to go “up” into the titlebar, and for the bottom to just go across, not around everything. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For the screenshot, I can’t figure what do you mean (I wonder if that is the image you uploaded the wrong image). I think you mean “I want borders all around the window, except the title bar”.

If that is true, then fvwm can’t do it. But, you can look at the patches here:

Specially the TopBorder one, might be what you want. If you use gentoo, you may also want to look into the live-ebuilds overlay, which has an ebuild for fvwm that can enable those patches using the “extras” use flag. The patchset (containing that patch and many more) is available for download at:


Of course, those patches are unofficial and unsupported.

If this is not what you wanted, try to explain a bit better.

What i meant was, i just dont want that choppy looking border above that titlebar, and also to specify a horizontal pixmap for the bottom. it uses the same image all the way around, i just want two side borders, a bottom horizontal one, and a titlebar. Instead, the image i chose for the border (choppy one, is actually a side pixmap), wraps everything. Specifically, i want it to look like this:

lynucs.org/index.php?screen_ … 2&m=screen

If you want a different pixmap on each border, you can look at the MultiBorder patch in that same page. Probably you will also be interested in the ButtonWidth and BorderUnderTitle patches. I never used these and can’t help with them. I just use standard decorations. If you plan to use them, pick them from the patchset I posted.

I can’t remember if I had to modify them, but there is a chance, and if that is the case, the ones in that web will not apply against current cvs, while the ones in the patchset will do. They are in the extras directory on the patchset, make sure you apply incrementally. For example, the MultiBorder patch is numbered as patch number 11, that means you need to apply the ones before it to be sure that it will patch without problems. Not all are really needed, probably… Then recompile and reinstall fvwm.