fvwm with dual monitors


before I get a second monitor, I would like to see if a setup I want is possible.

Right now I have a single monitor, and in my setup, a single desk, with a 3x3 grid of pages. I have mouse scrolling enabled (with EdgeThickness 1).

What I want when I get a second monitor is:

  • another, same kind of deskotp with a 3x3 page grid on the second monitor
  • mouse scroll would work in the say way - that is i could scroll between the pages in a single desktop (i.e. monitor) but the mouse would not scroll to the desktop on the other monitor.

…from my reading, the abvove could be probably be satisfied with two instances of fvwm, but what I would also like , is to:

  • with a keyboard binding be able to “switch/move” the mouse pointer between desktops (monitors)…
  • with a keyboard binding be able to send a given window to the other desktop (monitor)… it should land on the same corresponding page (i.e. if it’s on page 1,3 on one monitor, it should go to page 1,3 on the other).

is this possible?! any particular pointers about the details?