Fvwm3-1.0.4 released

Hi all,

I’ve released version 1.0.4. Details here: Release Fvwm3-1.0.4 · fvwmorg/fvwm3 · GitHub



Congratulations on the FVWM3-1.0.4 release. I’ve compiled on
Slackware64-14.2 with kernel 4.4.276 and all is working well. I have
noticed some changes. I use the FVWM 2.6 default Right Panel with two
monitors of different dimensions… The right button now moves the
app windows in a smooth scroll as you slide the mouse from one
desktop page to the next. which is nice, The new size of the page for
each of the virtual desktop windows is quite a bit smaller.
Is there a way to set the page (2x2) grid size, not the DesktopSize,
but hte page size?
It also seems the EdgeResistance is not being honored. I have it set to
450, which was sufficient to work on a app window lower corner and not
immediately pull the app to a new page, now I have to stay at least
1/16 inch from the window edge or the app is snapped to the next page.
Has EdgeResistance been redone and if yes how to control it now?

Since FVWM has moved to cJSON, can we eliminate libbson from
the installed libraries, if it is not used by any other app of course?

Finally, has any tested FVWM3 on OpenBSD or FreeBSD? I notice OpenBSD
is still using 2.6.5 and was hoping to upgrade to 3-1.0.4.


Hey @BrianA

Glad it’s working well. With regards to FvwmPager you can set the geometry of it to avoid it resizing by aspect-ratio, which might be what you’re referring to.

EdgeResistance hasn’t changed, but you must be using SnapAttraction which now snaps to screen boundaries if you’ve told it to do that.

As for CJSON, that now deprecated libbson completely, you don’t need it.

I use FreeBSD so it gets tested there. I know there’s a port of fvwm3 on OpenBSD planned, but I don’t know who is doing it, or when.


Thomas, thanks for the quick reply. SnapAttraction in the default is set as follows:

Sets all windows to OpaqueMove (vs a wired frame) and windows will

snap to each other and the edge of the screen.

OpaqueMoveSize -1
Style * ResizeOpaque, SnapAttraction 15 SameType ScreenAll, SnapGrid
XorValue 55555
But the action I’m talking about is that as the mouse cursor is reaching the edge there is almost an immdediate switch to the next page of the desktop. It seemed (it might be my older foggy brain) that the flip to the blank next page was longer, allowing the cursor to hold a window edge and adjust it to a smaller size, rather than flip to the next page.

I’ll have to wait for OpenBSD porter or compile myself, as OpenBSD tends to recommend binary compiles rather than binary ports. (forgive me, but I’m still coming to terms with BSD and the differences.)

Cheers and congrats. BrianA


Beyond what’s in the release notes you mean? You’ll need to ask me specifics if you’d like to know more.

See also Fvwm3-1.0.4 released which is where this question arguably belongs. I’ll move it there.