FvwmAuto also raises child windows?

I noticed what I thought was a strange quirk of the FvwmAuto module (or perhaps I’m just using it wrong!).

Say I have three windows open: a browser, a spreadsheet and a terminal. The browser and terminal were started from an fvwm menu. The spreadsheet was launched from the terminal.

The browser window is large enough to cover both the terminal and the spreadsheet when it has focus.

Now I move the mouse over to the terminal window. After the configured time, the terminal is auto-raised. However, the spreadsheet is also raised.

Is this the correct behavior for FvwmAuto? Is there away around this (because it’s not what I want)?

I’m running fvwm-2.5.16 on gentoo linux.


I can’t reproduce this – indeed, the way in which you started the application is a red-herring. Please can you post your FvwmAuto line, and any functions associated with it that you might be using. Specifying the specific application in question is also going to be useful.

– Thomas Adam

Sure, no problem! Here’s my FvwmAuto line in my ~/.fvwm/config:

Module FvwmAuto 1250 "Silent Raise" "Silent Lower"

And the applications in question are as follows: aterm (terminal emulator, started from the fvwm menu), grip (cd ripper, started from aterm) and Firefox (started from the menu).

Thanks again!