fvwmbutton, adding buttons starting from right side

I am rather new to fvwm. I am messing with fvwmbutton, and I would like to add my docker with the buttons on the right, starting from it and not from the left.
the code is here eg:

... *mysuperdock: Geometry 1024x35+0+0 *mysuperdock: Rows 1 *mysuperdock: Columns 80 *mysuperdock: Frame 0 ...

then I placed the buttons with

*mysuperdock: (1x1-0-0, ... *mysuperdock: (1x1-0-0, ...

and this is not working. what should I do ?
I prefer the 1x1 then I do not have to make maths to calc the positions.


You can’t really do this directly due to the window’s gravity. See ButtonGeometry though, and fake it with explicit geometries. Just hope everything’s fixed-width.

– Thomas Adam