FvwmButtons -- Swallow and Exec issue


I didn’t find anything concerning this issue in this forum, but maybe I didn’t search enough…

Well, I’m using fvwm for a while now, and I’ve got a curious problem.
Here’s an example :
*TopBar: (24x1, Colorset 15, Swallow(UseOld,NoKill) cpumon ‘Exec exec xosview -title cpumon +cpu’, Action(Mouse 1) Exec exec aterm -T Top -e htop)
*TopBar: (24x1, Colorset 15, Swallow(UseOld,NoKill) netmon ‘Exec exec xosview -title netmon +net’, Action(Mouse 1) Exec exec aterm -T IfTop -e sudo /usr/sbin/iftop -i eth0 -F my_ip)

When I launch my X session, everything’s fine, when I click one of this swallowed app, they start either htop or iftop.
But after some utilisations (say between 1 and 5), nothing.
I click on the swallowed app and nothing is spawned.

If you have any idea…


Turn off whatever modifier key you have on (Numlock, CapsLock, ScrollLock)
and read the main FVWm FAQ question 0.1

– Thomas Adam

But no ! :wink:

As I was saying, I’m using FVWM for several years now, and this kind of problem is known by me.

No modifier is on, except NumLock maybe but :
IgnoreModifiers 2 is in my config.


… then you should know that even having that is unpredictable at times.
Yes, I also use IgnoreModifiers, but the result I get from it is
intermittent. I am not able to reproduce your problem, since it works
fine for me – I’ve restarted FVWM several times, ran applications under
it, and each time the Action clicks to FvwmButtons has launched the
appropriate applications.

Humour yourself, and leave the modifiers off, just to see if that really
does cure your problem. If it doesn’t, get FVWM to log to
~/.xsession-errors if it doesn’t already do so, and check for errors

– Thomas Adam

I’ll try it on monday (office configuration) and tell you if NumLock is to blame for my issue…

Thank you for your advice ! :slight_smile:

Ok, back to work…

You were perfectly right.
I didn’t had these problems for months now, and in my new config, bam, Modifier Key is back… :frowning:

Well, I think I’ll just turn off my NumLock when I want to use the swallowed apps Actions…

Thank you.